Community Land Initiative – 10 Years Campaign

In 2017 ITC – Community Land Initiative celebrated its 10th year of existence. To comemorate this great anniversary they approached us to produce an audiovisual and communication campaign to be launched during the 10 years conference in Maputo. The campaign consisted of a documentary film, photography, concept and layout of a report, success stories, and a ’10 steps’ poster series of how the delimitation process of community land delimitation and registration works.


The film presents different aspects of the organization’s intervention. Each province represents one of the steps in how communities become the legal custodians of their land. The impact of ITC’s work is shown through interventions by community members, local government representatives, partner organizations and ITC staff.



For the documentary Iniciativa para Terras Comunitárias – 10 anos our team made a 12 day digression in 5 different provinces. Find some behind the scenes photos at the end of this post.



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