25 Years PALOP-TL UE


25 Years PALOP-TL UE celebrated the 25th anniversary of the cooperation between the PALOP countries (Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe), East Timor and the European Union.


The logo that would lead the celebration campaign should somehow be able to represent all of these very different countries and their cultures. We had a long creation process and passes through innumerous different logo versions. The final version you can see above, has the number 25 at its center. As a representation of the different countries we chose to use the main colors that all the national flags have in common. The speech bubble in the center of the number 5 is to symbolize the importance of communication at the center of the cooperation between the countries. The design is completed by the celebrations slogan: Identity- Cooperation – Development

Below find some graphic materials developed for three different moments of the celebration: A short film contest & residency, the publication of the films produced as a result of the contest, and a scientific conference.






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